Flag History on display


photo of 4 Canadian flags and 1 Canada 150 flag ohanging from the library balcony










This collection of flags is now on display in the Library, in honour of Canada 150. The four Canadian flags are on loan from a BWG resident.

The flags on display in the atrium are originals and official with the exception of 1957-1965 flag.

The flags are from left to right:

1868 to 1921
1921 to 1957
1957 to 1965
1965 to present
Canada’s 150 sesquicentennial

Flag trivia notes:

The Red Ensign flags were never adopted as the official National Flag.

The Red Ensign had no standard design until the 1920’s.

In 1921, the Canadian Government asked King George V for a new coat of arms for Canada. When the new Coat of Arms were proclaimed, so were our beloved national colours of red and white.

A new design for the Canadian flag started in 1925 and didn’t come to fruition till 1965 when the design for the new flag was decided upon. That’s 40 years of planning, talks, and finally agreements for our current flag!

The Canada 150 sesquicentennial flag was designed by a 19 year old University of Waterloo student who won the design contest.