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November 12, 2018

Book: Unwind
Author: Neal Shusterman

Unwind by Neal Shusterman is a science fiction novel that has a different outlook on life. The government had a political battle about abortions and created Unwinding instead to completely eliminate abortions because of the constant debate about abortions being morally correct or incorrect. The government thought that Unwinding was an excellent way to deal with abortion problem because of the unlimited supply of new body parts to remove dangerous diseases. After a war about abortions came to an end, unwinding was created where when your child turns 13-18 you can unwind him and have his body parts donated for other patients. The three main characters, Connor, Risa and Levi are all running away from being unwound. This story creates an interesting concept of the future which will keep you reading. The story is told from three different character’s perspectives which makes this a much more interesting novel because of their unique outlook on life which creates a great barrier between the three characters. This book is also very interesting because this is a completely different world which makes this a very unpredictable read. The author does a great job of staying consistent with the writing throughout the story creating a very easy and compelling read.  I would recommend this book to teenagers who are interested with what could happen in the future. This is also an interesting book if you are looking for a intriguing and fast read. Action begins from the first page so you won’t be able to put the book down after you’ve picked it up!

4.5/5 Stars
Review by: Tony Andreiko

September 26, 2018

Book: Backlash
Author: Sarah Darer LittmanBacklash Cover
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Having cell phones and social media has some advantages, from being able to text anyone you want to being notified to pretty much anything. Although, it also has a few disadvantages. For instance, take a look at Lara Kelley’s life.  Lara is the older sister to Sydney Kelley and is a cheerleader at Lake Hills High. Now Lara wasn’t always a happy girl, for instance, in middle school she was a depressed, overweight teenager who her only friend was Bree Connors. Once high school approached, the two split ways. One school night, Lara gets a friend request on Facebook from a boy named Christian DeWitt. They instantly start chatting and little does she know, that Christian isn’t who he says he is. Lara is under the impression that Christian likes her. Then one night everything changes, Christian starts commenting these awful things on Lara’s page. But what no one realizes is how Christian’s comment would affect Lara, not even the people closest to her.

What I enjoyed reading about Backlash is how the book shows different point of views of each of the four main characters. My favourite character in Backlash is Sydney because I enjoyed her charisma! Every teenager should read this book because it talks about problems/struggles that teens have to face in this generation (bullying, cyberbullying etc). This book kept me on the edge of my seat! You can definitely read this novel again and again and never get tired of it!

Rate: 5/5 stars.
Reviewed by Sheeza. K., Age 14

September 17, 2018

Book: The Lost PlanetLost Planet Cover

Author- Rachel Searles

There was a teenage boy who woke up on a different planet from his; he had no memory, does not know who he was, nothing from his family and he doesn’t know where he was from. He was inside a fence that he shouldn’t have been crossed. He had a blaster wound on the back of his head. He woke up in a bedroom with a doctor beside him and told him his name was Chase Garrety. Later on, he got attacked by a girl and she tried to kill him by a dagger, she did realize that her brother is still alive. Than Chase found out that young girl was actually his younger sister. Later on, they had each other’s back. He traveled throughout the Galaxy and met new people, either friends or enemies.

Well, if you are into science/adventure stuff, you will love this novel. If you like to get out of the house or into technology stuff, this book is meant for you. Throughout the novel Chase met new people, like in the beginning he met a friend who’ve helped him when he got injured. What I like about this novel is that how Chase and his friend, Parker, traveled around the galaxy and no one noticed that they didn’t have parents, instead they had a very powerful robot. I also like how they, Chase and Parker, had enough courage to go on one side of the galaxy to another and defeat enemies throughout the volume. The most compelling person in this volume has to Parker because he wanted the most attention and he is the only one who will speak up for himself.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Reviewed by Wafa Rashid

August 31, 2018

Book: Wanted
Author: Betsy Schow

Wanted Cover

*Please Note: This book is not currently available at the library*

Wanted; the second book in the Storymaker series by Betsy Schow is nothing short of confusing. This book is about Rexi Hood. Rexi is trying to stop herself from becoming a forgotten by becoming someone worth writing a story about. But she constantly dies and loses parts of herself making it harder for her to reach her goal. She doesn’t want to be a hero or a villain she just wants to survive.

The concept was good, but the writing failed. Though it being the second instalment in a series was unknown to me until I was almost finished the the book. It was cramming everything into one short story. Even if this was the second book and I couldn’t make sense to some things I’ve accidentally read the 8th book in a series and I got more out of that book than this story.

I would have enjoyed this book more if it was longer and received the same treatment as the final part of the book did. In the end, the story finally slowed down. It wasn’t rushed giving extra details and space that I wished the entire story got. But the actual end of the book wasn’t great. Though the writing wasn’t my favourite I’m going to read the whole series because I liked the concept and the writing was bearable.

2/5 stars

Reveiwed by: Hannah S-T, Age 13
About the Reviewer: I love to read. I will yell at the movie when they get it wrong. And I will quote the book before I quote the movie. The best smell in the world is a used book store.

August 30, 2018

Book: The OutsidersOutsiders Cover
Author: S. E. Hinton

Hello, my name is Matthew Yout, and I will be talking about a Book named The Outsiders and based in the 1965 with gangs by the names on Socs and Greasers The East Side greasers are “outsiders” to the West side of town, the “rich” side. To an outsider, West-side life can look very appealing.

And this book is basically a book with gangs that hate each other and don’t along and kill each other with guns knifes. Also, they don’t live with their parents because they are all gone so the older sibling takes care of everyone. They all wear Madras shirt and drive Corvair.

And this is The Outsiders and the reason why I like this book is because in the book they say words you never heard of liking for an example rumble is what they call a fight and what they wear, how was it in 1965 and that’s why I like this book. Oh and I almost forgot if I had to give this book out of five stars I would give it a five stars because it is interesting, you learn and it kind of relates to me.

Characters: Ponyboy (Michael Curtis), Darrel ‘Darry’ Curtis, Keith “Two-Bit” Mathews, Sodapop Curtis, Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade and more.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Reviewed by: Matthew Yout, Age 13

August 30, 2018

Hatchet Cover
Book: The Hatchet
Author: Paulsen, Gary

Hello, my name is Matthew Yout, and I will be talking The Hatchet a book I read in grade 7 a really good book about survival. The book is about a boy named Brian Robeson around the same age as us with a Mom and a Dad divorced, Brian leaving with his Mom and his and leaving in Montreal and Brian wanted to visit his Dad so when Brian got to the airport his Mom gave him a Hatchet if something goes wrong and Brian got into the helicopter which is a two seater one for him and the other one for the guy flying the helicopter so when they were flying over the Canadian the forest the pilot got a heart attack. Then Brian tried waking him up but wouldn’t wake up so Brian tried to fly the plane and he couldn’t so he crashed down in the Canadian forest.

Brian had two live there for a couple of months making fire with his hatchet making a shelter eating worms turtle eggs and more. Then Brian one day went inside the plane and saw a walkie-talkie and tried to signal with the airport which he did and then one day the helicopter came looking for him and Brian screaming trying to get their attention and finally he did and the pilot got him back home with his Mom and Brian was safe when he got home.

The reason why I like this book is because it teaches us about survival what to do in this situation and the book is really good to read as a class and the movie is pretty funny to watch and that’s why I like this book. Oh and I almost forgot the five stars rating and I would rate this book out of four stars because it’s funny, interesting, and helps us through life.

Characters: Brian’s mother, Brian’s father, Terry, Jim / Jake, and Brian Robeson

Rating: 4/5 stars

Reviewed by Matthew Yout, Age 13

Book: The Book JumperBook Jumper Cover

Author: Mechthild Glaser

Going into any book you wanted would be a dream come true for most book lovers. Well, that dream comes true in “The Book Jumper” by Mechthild Gläser. This book is about Amy Lennox a girl who goes and visits her mom hometown on an island called Stormsay. There Amy finds out that she comes from a long line of book jumpers, sworn to protect the stories in the books. She soon finds out that the main aspects of stories are disappearing, and she tries to go figure out why.
I’ve always wanted to read a book like this. But the story fell flat. The writing was lacking, the ending wasn’t very satisfying and characters could have also been done better. Where some of the writing lacked it came back in the other parts of the book. The plot twists in this book are well done, making you think if hints were dropped along the way. By the end, you wish it was a series and not just one book because you want to see more.

This book was written in a way that it made me wish for something different. But it is one I would recommend.

3.5/5 stars

Reviewed by: Hannah S-T, Age 13

August 28 2018

Book: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe AgainDeadpool Cover

“Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again,” as the title states, this book is about the mercenary Deadpool; a spunky bad mouthed anti-hero, who is out to kill the Marvel Universe once more.

Though this is the second time a comic like this has come out it’s still different and entertaining in its own way. The presentation of the story is different. We are seeing characters we didn’t see in the first comic and Deadpool has a different reason for the slaughter now. Instead of him being driven even more insane, hearing a voice in his head and being aware of what he’s doing he’s being mind controlled and isn’t seeing this as the way they are making you sympathize with his character showing how well he was written in this story. But because of this new reason for the slaughter, it makes some scenes confusing unless you go over it again or pay attention really hard. Though the ending isn’t as cool as the first it gives you closure.

Though one of the things you can count on being the same is Deadpool being Deadpool. He’s being as witty as ever, breaking the fourth wall and using the incredible illustrations to his advantage. The best part is you don’t need to read the first comic to understand this one. This is because it’s like the first one never happened so there’s no need for the first one unless you are interested. If you like stories with humour and violence, I would recommend this comic. Though I did want to read this book because it had Deadpool in it, this is a comic worth reading.

4/5 stars

Reviewed by: Reveived by: Hannah S-T, age 13

August 21, 2018

Book: Bright Lights, Dark Nights
Author: Stephen EmondBright Lights Dark Nights Cover

The book Bright Lights, Dark Nights, written by Stephen Emond, is a book about growing up and moving on with life, as well as being strong enough to fight for the things-or people-you care about, but not always fight in the physical sense.
The book is from the point of view of our protagonist, Walter Wilcox, whose father is a well-known cop in the crime-filled city he lives in. Up till now, Walter has made sure to always be in the background of things, where it is much safer for him. That is, until he meets Naomi Mills, a black girl who seems to have strode into his heart, what with her funny and playful demeanor. But, not long after these two got into a relationship, a huge racial scandal involving Walter’s father occurs, one that will change Walter’s life forever.
The act of being in love and being in a relationship is handled with exceptional care by the author, and it all feels real. There are going to be bumps on the long road ahead, some small and some big, but by working through it together, you can still move on and still be happy. Walter and Naomi’s relationship is definitely put to the test, along with Walter’s other relationships he has with family and friends. But by showing the strength and courage to move forward and resolve the challenges put in your path, you can succeed, and by the end of the day, you can still have your relationships with other people intact.
Bright Lights, Dark Nights is for readers who may also have insecurities about their own relationships, or who just came for the interesting plot, and stayed for the clever writing.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Review by Marselle Olomi, Age 15
About the reviewer: I like to read, write, surf the internet, watch netflix, and play / learn video games.

August 20, 2018Shooter Cover

Book: Shooter
Author: Caroline Pignat
Genre: Suspense, thriller, action, mystery.

The thrilling story takes place in the empty third floor wing: boys washroom at a high school, when a lockdown occurs because a shooter is in the building. Trapped are 5 Gr. 12’s; Alice, Noah, Isabelle, Hogan and Xander. The 5 realize that this lockdown, “Is not a drill” and miraculously have to work together to fight and come up with a plan to make it out alive (despite their differences and opinions about things).

Other teens should give this book a read because everyone can relate to the characters. For instance, as the 5 teenagers are trapped in the washroom they all talk about their life and what they have to deal with. From mourning the loss of a loved one, dealing with a sibling that has autism, making mistakes in life, to stress with parents, friends, high school and getting accepted to universities. Every teenager can relate to this book in some way!

Some things that I liked about the novel is how Caroline Pignat (the author) told the story in different characters point of views. As well as, making the reader eager to find out more about who the shooter is and how the five are going to stop this alarming event. A next step would be to add more emotion/feelings to each of the characters.

Rate: 4/5 stars

Reviewed by Sheeza K., Age 14.

August 16, 2018

Book: I am Princess X

Author: Cherie Priest

(Graphic novel/novel)
Princess X: My review is on a book called Princess X. The reasoning behind me liking this book Is the characters are very appealing, all of the characters have a meaning behind them and why they are there. The main plot of this story is about a girl who was a princess and her name was Princess X. Her parents were the king and queen of the place called Silverdale but her parents were retired so she ruled it herself. The main characters of this book are: Libby Deaton, May Harper, the King and Queen, then the Needle man. The most villanly character.

What I most love about this book is the interesting characters, also when your reading this even though there is not a lot of pictures while your reading the words you would imagine what is happening, it makes you wonder what’s going to happened next that’s how excited I got when I was reading this book.

I recommend this book for a pre teen that is interested in mystery, cause of the mysterious stuff that Princess X is suffering throughout the book, she feels someone is following her. I say other teens should read this novel for the reason of how interesting the book is. There are not a lot of colours for the pictures but you can tell what the illustrations are telling you.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Praveena P.

July 26, 2018

Book: The Boy in the Striped PajamasBoy in the Striped Pajamas Cover

Author: John Boyne

I signed out the novel named “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” by John Boyne. This book is based on the unfortunate events that occurred during The Holocaust. The main character is a German boy named Bruno, the son of a Nazi soldier.

Which soon results in them having to leave their home in Berlin. When Bruno went to his room there was a window. There was a fence that went on for miles, trapping people wearing striped pajamas. Later on, many things came out about the Nazis. This novel was written incredibly and as the reader you can make out things that Bruno couldn’t quite understand. But something happens that causes Bruno to be distracted from his everyday life.

This book really shows that not all Germans were evil during this historic event. It foreshadows the fact that only the members of the Nazi Regime were aware of what they were doing to the Jewish people and the citizens of Germany were oblivious to everything happening around them.

Therefore, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” is one of the best books I have ever read due to all descriptive words used throughout the book, characters and the plot was phenomenal. After each chapter there are many hooks that makes you want to read right to the end. If I were to rate this book, I would rate it a 9 out of 10, no book is perfect but this one was near perfect.

Reviewed by: Adam Q., Age 13

May 25, 2018

Book: Eleanor And Park

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell’s novel, Eleanor & Park follows the hardships that we go through as teenagers. To elaborate; balancing high school, stress, social interactions, bullies and most of all,

Eleanor & Park Cover

learning how to love and learning how to cope with the loss of someone important.

Eleanor is a teenage girl in high school. She is insecure about her red, fuzzy and extremely curly hair, as well as, so she says, her bigger than normal body shape and her weird clothes. The story follows her overcoming the bullies at school, learning to love herself and learning to love another.

In the simplest of terms, my opinion of the book would be that the meaning of love went far and deep. Rowell conveyed this meaning through heartbreak and the importance of loving yourself. Within the novel, she covers some very real topics that are felt by a lot of teenagers. I recommend this book to anyone. It’s a romance, but it also includes bullying, self-esteem problems, trust issues and the loss of a loved one. This novel is relatable. The characters face the same trials that we do as teenagers. Having the opportunity to share in Eleanor and Park’s lives provides a window into discovering how to solve some of our own problems.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars.

Review by Sophia L. N. Age 15.

April 18, 2018

Book: A Court of Thorns and Roses A Court of Thorns and Roses Cover

Author: Sarah J. Maas

In my opinion, a fantasy fiction novel is supposed to be used as an escape from the world. It is used to go into one that is greater and more vast then ours, full of creatures and places unable to exist on Earth. Sarah J. Maas’ novel A Court of Thorns and Roses, does an excellent job at doing just that. The story is told in the perspective of Feyre, a girl who’s life has been made a struggle because of the poverty forced upon her family. As if this wasn’t enough, she is afraid that the small town that she lives in, will be taken from the villagers and grabbed by the magical immortal beings living beside them called Fae. 

There were things that I enjoyed in the novel such as, the realness of the main character, Feyre. Maas does not sugar coat the emotions of the character. We are meant to feel, and know everything going on in her head. I personally enjoyed this because it made her more human to me and not ”fake” in a sense. I also enjoyed the plot of the book. It was filled with a sense of the unknown, for both the reader and the main character. She makes it an escape into this new, huge, dangerous world full of different, exciting things that have yet to be explored (and to the reader’s benefit, it is). I truthfully did not find any part of the book displeasing or disappointing.  I enjoyed every inch of this book and I believe that other teens should read this series because they will get a taste of a different world and follow along side the journey of this strong, intelligent and fearless young woman. 

Rating: 4/5 stars

Reviewed by: Sophia L. N., Age 15

April 18, 2018

Book: This Mortal Coil

Author: Emily SuvadaMortal Coil Cover

This genre isn’t something I would normally read, but Emily Suvada does a truly amazing job weaving in something for everyone. This story takes place in a dystopian earth where an incurable virus has taken over the planet. Many people have trusted the helping hands of Cartaxus, a company that rose just before the virus was discovered, who have placed them in underground bunkers around the world. This safe haven doesn’t come without a price however, if you agree to stay in a bunker Cartaxus gets full control over your panel. Your panel is a small gene adjusting electronic chip that gets surgically placed under the on skin your forearm so that you have control over how your body works and your appearance.

Although the people who don’t trust their promises of safety are stuck scavenging on the surface trying to keep away from the virus in any way they can. Catrina is one of the few who are still on the surface, harbouring a burning hatred for Cartaxus ever since they took away her dad and only friend Drax to work for them. So when one day a Cartaxus agent, Cole, shows up at her house claiming that her dad is dead and that she is the only one who can help release an antidote for the virus that her dad had created before his death, she doesn’t exactly go willingly.

This book follows Cat and Cole’s struggle to unlock this cure and the bumps on the road as they do so. This story is so enjoyable and mind blowing. The multiple plot twists will hit you like a storm and leaving you craving more. I had to hold back from re-reading it just to see if I could spot any of the smaller points. The characters are so easy to fall in love with and understand. This book is perfect for anyone who like an action packed book with sarcastic, lovable characters and a little bit of romance.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Reviewed by: Maya Lee, Age 15

Thank you Maya!!

March 1st 2018

Book: The Kite Runner

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Find in our catalogueKite Runner Cover

The Kite Runner has the ability to make you want to read it all day, the suspense is unbearable.  This book is like no other book I’ve ever read. It is extremely captivating and is tremendously emotional.

Some things I really enjoyed about this book was the inspiration quotes/sayings in this book. The quotes/ sayings really help you understand the characters personality. I also really enjoyed the mystery to this book, you get to learn a lot about each character and their past.

Somethings that I disliked about the book was the ending, the ending left me upset because it  was not the way I was expecting it to end, I really felt like the ending needed to be changed. The  characters personalities were so beautifully written that you just wanted to read about what they were doing throughout the whole story.

The the biggest plot twist in this book is the mystery that is hidden behind each character’s past, these mysteries also help tie in all the connections between each character. In my opinion this plot twist is very important for the story, the reason I think this is because it’s important that when your reading a book you need to know things about the characters, this can also help make a connections between yourself and the characters, I personally made a lot of connections while reading this book which is important for understanding the character choices.

This is a really good book for teens to read because it teaches a lot of compassion and  is a great way to help teens with the decisions they choose to make, the reason for this is because they will be able to tell the outcome for each decision they make.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars.

Our first review was from Aliyah! She writes: My favourite book genre is drama. I also enjoy learning about new cultures.
Thank you Aliyah!!