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Current Exhibitions

Axel Weltner – Untitled Exhibit
September 18 – November 17, 2017

The Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library is pleased to present the works of Axel Weltner. Axel Weltner first began taking photographs as a young teen in the mid 70s. He attended Sheridan College in Oakville, studying commercial photography there. He spent much of the 80s working in the commercial photography field as an assistant and production coordinator, and took part in some group exhibitions prior to 1985. He left the industry in 1991, and remained on hiatus until 2004. He began taking photographs again as a strictly personal exercise, using only a simple digital camera without interchangeable lenses. He continues to maintain this Spartan equipment ethic in his work, and genuinely believes that one of the key elements of his work is his simple, honest approach. His entire picture taking philosophy is boiled down to “Capture quick impressions, concentrate on the smells and sounds and let the sights follow.” The same ethic continues into post production, with the philosophy of removing only the most jarring and out of place elements, leaving colours as they are and never adding elements to the image.  For more information about Axel’s work, check out his website pere-annoyed.com

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Yadong Liu – Yadong’s Art

November 20 – January 19

Born in 1975, Yadong grew up in China, which inspires his drawing. His aesthetic developed in Beijing, where he studied and worked. Currently, Yadong lives in Bradford, Ontario. He paints mainly in oil and acrylic and specializes in portraits, landscapes and illustrations.

For Yadong, painting is not simply his passion, it is necessary, like thought and breath. He moves through the process of creating each portrait and landscape, as a river flows over rocks and the wind hugs the forest, all the while seeking a mellifluous whole.

Yadong’s work embodies both tradition and innovation. His singular vision is deeply informed by the masters. He has studied Han Holbein, Menzel, Johannes Vermeer, Ingres, Ivan Kramskoi and Andrew Wyeth,  as well as Oriental icons, whose luminous works have inspired Yadong to adopt a similarly limited palette. His energy flows through his work, his paintings move us and open our eyes to the beauty and mystery of the world.

Two decades at the easel have produced many artistic achievements for Yadong. His works have been seen in prestigious gallery and museum shows including  The National Art Museum of China, The Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and The Royal Ontario Museum.

Main Floor Display Case

The main floor display case is situated across from Borrower Services Desk, a high traffic area. Typical exhibits will run for one month.

When the Main Floor Display Case is not being used by the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library, preference will be given to individuals or groups who propose an installation that is of a cultural nature or connected to a cultural event.
The locked glass display case can accommodate small sculptures and 3-dimensional works.  It is approximately 19″ deep, 49″ high and 135″ wide.

Local History Display Case

Situated on the 2nd floor, typical exhibits will run for 2-4 months at a time.

When the Local History display case is not being used to display the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library local history collection or used by the Bradford West Gwillimbury Local History Association, a proposal for an installation may be considered. Preference will be given to exhibits of an historical nature.

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Kim Perry, Manager, Circulation & Technical Services
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Information for Hanging Exhibits

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library offers an alternative space free of charge to local artists, and invites anyone to apply for consideration to exhibit.
Application is not restricted to area residents, although preference may be given to local artists. Artists at all stages of their careers will be considered.
Selected artists exhibit during the year following acceptance of their application.

We exhibit 2-dimensional works including paintings, drawings, mixed media, textile art, prints and photographs.

Typical exhibits will run for 1-2 months.

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